So I had just dropped my last payment into the box.  No sooner had I heard the mail drop to the bottom when, like out of an old roadrunner cartoon, the mailman pulls up and has me sign for a package.  Curiously I opened it.  In my excitement of having received what I had been paying so much for I didn’t stop to ask how it could get there so quickly.  Rushing into the house tearing at the box in a mad frenzy I left a debri trail of tape, cardboard and bubble wrap strewn out behind me.  What may you ask was I in such a fit over?  Well let’s just say that when I first heard about thins they told me it had a lot of “growth” potentle.  To make along story short,  they do promise growth they just don’t specify which direction.  Three inches inside is not what I had been hoping for damn you!


Ooh now that I think about it this probably wasn’t the place to rant about this.  Yeah …um…that never happened…*cough*.  No really it didn’t.



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