Ladies and gentleman I have a glorious announcement to make.  I am now officially a man.  Now I was a bit surprised to find out that I wasn’t one before but you know sometimes we just don’t know ourselves that well.  I woke today with a strange feeling where I make pee-pee and went into the potty to find out what it was.  Well I opened my pajamas and there in my pants was all this curly brown hair around my naughty place.  I was so happy that I ran out of there (which wasn’t easy with my p.j.’s around my feet) to show everybody.  I think my first error was that I forgot I wasn’t at my house but at a hotel.  Let me tell you there’s really no one that wants to see a 26 year old shuffling down the hallway with a pair of footy pajamas around his feet, and his manly appendage dangling for everyone to see. Needless to say things didn’t work out well for me  that day.  I’m expecting to be released in about a week.

your friend in need of medication


I’d smoke my sesame seeds if I was mayor McCheese.


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