Sorry that I haven’t been updating very frequently. I have been
enjoying a little slice of heaven on top of three scoops of Yowza!
smoothered in great googly moogly. In laymens terms, this

At daigaku (college) today I had a shiken (test). It was mama (somewhat) yasashii (easy), so I think I did ii (good).

Also since Crotch Buddy was sick today, he missed Ashley and her
roommate when they came into the establishment of servitude from whence
I get compensation. We had a nice chat and discussed this upcoming

Scott Free is finally going to bed……

about damn time


One thought on “

  1. Thanks for pointing out how tired and distracted I was when I wrote the sign language post.  I blame the drugs but i’ll never blame the sex or rock ‘n roll.  Oh by the way I may not have be driving the bus anymore because I may be fired soon.  Very sorry I missed ashley and courtney yesterday. 😦 (ha ha I know you hated that)

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