I have just finished watching what has really been, for those interested, a highly anticipated T.V. show.  I have just seen what was to be the pilot episode of the American remake of the British show The Office.  Thankfully this piece of crap was shelved and should really never see the light of day again.  Now I won’t say where I found it but I will say that I wish I hadn’t.  The show stars Mo Rocca from the daily show on comedy central who wasn’t the best choice to play the main character of David Brent.  It further proves that while on occasion we can make something good from an original British idea most of the time comedy is not it.  In this country we have quite possibly the worst overall public idea as to what’s funny mainly because we only cater to those of us that seem to have no sense of humour at all.  When we try to take a successful series and remake it we kill it horribly because we water it down and remove any intelligence from it to the point where it becomes all laugh tracks and slapstick bullshit.  Some examples of what I’m talking about are Coupling, Men Behaving Badly, and now The Office.  These were Three brilliant shows that we thought we could capitalize on and remake for what we seem to think is an entirely unsophisticated audience.  We took out all the balls that made these show great and anyone who has seen the originals and then the remakes knows what I’m talking about.  I mean we couldn’t even get it right when we refilmed the entire original first episode of Coupling word for word.  I sincerly hope we never get our hands on Father Ted, Black Books, The Fast Show, Spaced or The Mighty Boosh.  Now I don’t mean to get down on us as a culture but when we spend something on average of 30 hours in front of the T.V. a week I would expect us to want something more. 



I promise to stop bitching now


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