I beat Scott Free to this one I guess, Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh).  We spent saturday in San Francisco where much fun was had by nearly all but I’ll let Scott Free fill you in on that one (there may be pictures :-o).  I however will cover the rest of the night to some detail as to cover all of it would be improper or illegal one of the two.  After the city we were going to go to Scott Frees’ house to play Monkey Ball but that didin’t work out and luckily there was no one at my house so we came here.  Drinks were drank and games were played long into the night until many of the attendants were very giddy and nearly out of control, in a good way mind you.  There is nothing funnier than someone who can’t stop laughing, well maybe when those people start calling family and friends at two in the morning.  More to follow but right now I’m really fucking tired because I haven’t slept since saturday night.



the job ain’t done till you ruin the sheets


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