Sweaty and willing she spread before me.  Her every muscle tense, quivering she waits for my approach.  Lips parted, trembling in mute anticipation, in a wanting smile our eyes meet.  Mine are hungry and searching hers alit with desire and need.  Our touch is light, almost a soft breeze across each others skin.  I don’t enter so much as I appear inside her.  Pulse steady and the rythm quick we were made for a moment like this when we could be together.  One body, one heart, and one mind with one goal: exstacy.  Our rythm sped to an almost breakneck pace and her body quacked with her arrival, as it hit I was there with her.  Drained both mentally and physically we slipped into rest almost simultainiously.  I woke some hours later with the dim knowledge that there was someone standing over me.  “Wake up”  came a voice I recognized somehow.  “Wake up bitch” the voice said again this time with a kick placed firmly in my ribs.  “If you want to sleep with my women that’s gonna be one hundred dollars extra.”  So I paid and the man left me and her to sleep away the night.  As I drifted off to sleep again feeling the womans warm flesh held tightly against me I thought “Goddamn these whores are getting exspenive.”  Than the blackness took me and gentle sweet smelling dreams washed over me and my day was done.


A post that could only have been brought to you by



For those who know…Seven


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  1. Shut up dick I told you it might not be funny but nooooo.  You said to do it anyway now I look crazy.  Well crazier I mean telling people you just found out you had pubes or that your penis grew three inches back up inside your body is already pretty crazy.

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