Our lives and our future have both been dealt a crushing blow by the ignorant populace of this country.  We now have a president who will have the opportunity in his term to appoint something like two to three supreme court justices.  These are the people who are the last line of defense to our constituional freedoms and rights.  by appointing these people, who have no term limits, he has the possible position to reverse laws that have been passed to protect womens rights and to pass laws that will destroy what little “freedom” we have left in this country.  All this in the name of “Supporting our troops” neverminding the fact that this stupid fuck is the one who put them where they are and has promised to reinstate the draft so that you can be next.  If I had the strength left I would weep for what will become of us in the next four years.



No funny tagline this time.  This shit is serious bitches!


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