Holy fuck I have just seen the most fucked up shit in my life.  I was watching this documentary I downloaded off of a British torrent site called 101 things removed from the human body.  The whole thing was pretty much the most crazy shit ever but the worst thing I have ever seen was what follows.  This guy was at work when accidentally someone knocked a gun off a table and a bullet was fired hitting this guy in the head.  The bullet tore away half of his brain and complete destroyed that side of his skull.  Amazingly the guy lived and was fitted with a silicon implant in the cavity where HIS BRAIN used to be.  The doctors then managed to stretch his scalp over the cavity and sewed it up and he looks perfectly normal now.  Now you’d imagine that given the type of injury that this guy would be a vegetable or just completely brain dead but he managed to graduate college and is only slightly handicapped.


I don’t ever want something stuck in my head. Now my head stuck in something, that’s different.


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