Spent most of the day lounging around the house as it is my wont to
do.  Around 4:30 I left my house to have lunch with my friend
amberly and than my esteemed compartiot Scott Free.  All was nice
and pleasant, few words were exchanged of any consequence but a good
tiem was had I had a good time.  Than I went to dinner with some
friends at the Red Robin and had quite a good time there as well. 
That is to say things were nice until one of the attendant feared death
by way of gastric spasm.  For all those who may be concerned she
was fine once we returned to her home and she could relax.  We
spent a few hours there playing cards, talking and just generally
having good wholesome family fun(no intended sarchasm by the
way).  Now having returned home I am off again to hangout with my
above mentioned associate Scott Free and his friend Monster Zero(who
you would know from the guestbook if you freaking signed it).  On
a side note I appologize for the tone and language of my last few posts
I will excuse them by saying I was either heavilly intoxicated or blown
away by the amazing wonders of human suffering.


Only part of this was meant sarchastically I’ll let you decide which.


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