I spent yesterday with the larger part of our saturday crew yesterday hanging out and doing random things.  First we toured the new apartment our friends Ashley and Courtney will be moving into this coming week.  Than we ran an errand that they had to take care of in Walnut Creek on Broadway Plaza.  After that we went back to Ashley and Courtneys to decide what we’d do with the rest of the night.  We decided to go to dinner then go to see Team America.  Dinner was quite good, honestly the best we’ve had together so far, then it was off to the movies.  We got over by the theater when randomly Courtney said that she wanted to see Sacramento some time.  We decided that last night was as good a time as any.  Not really knowing anything to do once we got there Noah suggested going to Cache Creek which is an indian casino around there.  We took what could only be described as the worst way there but it was fun to get lost and try to find the right way there.  We finally got there and started to walk around the tables checking things out.  It was the nicest place like it I’ve been to since the last time I was in Vegas.  We were there for a few hours, Noah said he won $100 so that was cool for him.  We decide we had spent enough time there so it was off home.  We got back to the girls house around midnight so we decided to play a game of Monopoly,Which I had bought for the girls the night before, for a few hours.  Left there around 3 a.m. got home around 3:15 just in time to find loads of my downloads finished and much to watch.  I finally got to bed around 6 a.m.  Drunk now so some of this may have been crap but most of the day was really fun.


P.S. I am really enjoying not having to get up at 4 a.m. anymore


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