The new game in town is Six Degrees
You try to link one actor/actress with another actor/actress in six or less steps.
We have been playing it and it is addicting. If you wanted to cheat you would go here:
This is a page that does

anybody to Kevin Bacon

as well as

anybody to anybody

Lets have fun and try not to cheat too much

Scott Free has a Bacon number of 4

Kevin Bacon
was in “Trapped” with Colleen Camp
Colleen Camp was in  “Greedy” with Phil Hartman
Phil Hartman has a voice actor in Super Mario 64 with Charles Martinet
Charles Martinet shops at the Place of My Indentured Servitude


One thought on “

  1. We can try this but you just gave us a way to cheat.  I won’t use it but I really liked it better trying to do it at work it made the time pass quicker when we were thinking about this rather than thinking about work.  Also I see you liked my indetured servitude line.

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