Holy lord does the mornig suck or what?  I just got home from work having switched shifts with my sis so that I could help Ashley and Courtney move into a different apartment.  They chose last night not to move and were kind enough to call me so that I didn’t come over and start taking stuff out of their house.  Not that I would have done that anyway I mean It would be apparent quickly that my moving things around would be pointless.  Anyway having switched I couldn’t switch back so I had to work at 10:00 a.m..  This has to be the worst shift there is at this job: 1. yo have to get up early 2. you have to work with people you don’t really know and 3. you get to spend the whole day behind a register.  After four hours straight on reg I was finally alowed to go home.  I now must go take many pills and drink copius amounts of liquid refreshment.

Crotch is not a fan of the sun. 


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  1. You seem to like the sun enough now… Come to think of it, you seem not to mind the 10-6 shift as much now either… Sorry we asked you to help! I had no idea the drudgery we were asking you to submit yourself to…

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