I have recently been reaquainted with the unholy genius that is The Tick animated series.  Now you ask why “unholy”? to which my response is fuck you I’ll describe things the way I want to.  When you have a blog I won’t come there and bitch about all the girly crap you write so don’t bitch about mine.  Sorry I’ve had some weird conversations with people this week.  Anyway The Tick was an amazingly funny and sometimes slyly subversive cartoon you poor young bastards missed out on.  It strayed ever so slightly from the comic series it was based on, mainly for contractual reason, but kept pretty close to the feel of the characters.  This was helped by the show being over seen by both the creator Ben Edlund and at times his genius follow up in the comic series Eli Stone. They also made a live action version of the show starring Patrick Warburton as the lead.  Now that show came out to rave reviews from many critics but to almost no public acclaim.  After nine short episodes their production company’s parent company folding, Sony had a small television division for a short time that supported the making of this show, the show ended.  With no hope in sight of ever getting to see these great shows again many of you unwashed masses deeked fit to leave your rooms to right letters and sign petitions to get it released on DVD.  For once a huge compnay decided to listen to the public and it was released earlier this year or maybe late last year I can’t remeber.  You may not have liked that show but you should all go and buy it for the main reason that maybe if enough of us buy that piece of crap they’ll get around to releasing the animated show .  Enough of this crap and bitching for those of you paying attetion the first line was true in my fact or fiction post.  An otter would eat your face so deal with it I don’t care what google says.




Another show you should check out is the old Muppett Show that shit was hilarious.


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