And now for a bitter and poorly thought out rant from Crotch

We have all been lied to our whole lives.  From the first time a radio was turned on and later a television we became a society driven by entertainment and the voyeuristic realization of our dreams.  Nothing real has ever been put on television, film, books, records, magazines, etc.  We have been force feed “artistic license” and “dramatic effect” for so long that even biographies are mostly lies.  We have been fed romanticized versions of horrible lives and events in our history so that we can be sold and controlled.  How else can you explain how people worship people like Marilyn Monroe, whose life was a complete tragedy, or how people still dress and act like hippies.  Now for those who have heard my rant about how hippies have destroyed society don’t worry this isn’t about that.  What it is about is acknowledging the lies and emotional programming we have all been given our whole lives by our sources of entertainment.  What a subtle and ingenious way to control the masses is entertainment.  Now most of the people who are online or browsing through things like this are all young enough to have been raised on television and movies.  Now none of this is a new concept but I’m putting in my two cents so shut it.  We have all been fed dreams and desires that are frankly unattainable so much so that the suicide rate in this country is one of the highest on the planet.  How are you supposed to cope with the realization that nothing you do will ever deliver the things you have been programmed to want.Not everyone finds love, not everyone can be rich, and not everyone will live happy lives filled with nothing but the slightest of pains.I don’t mean to sound overly “Goth” in this rant, trust I am not sitting here dressed in black burning candles while contemplating the romantic image of my own death cause all that stuff is shit, it’s just that I want you to see the things they have told us we can have when they know that the statistics are against us.It is easy to see why the business of movies thrives so well and why the lame TV we, at least in this country, all crowd around to watch has succeeded so well.We are given stories where pretty people do pretty things and live pretty lives.If there’s ever a movie made that shows the horrors that life can hold for some than it’s not shown realistically it’s exaggerated to an unbelievable level which than feeds the misery junkies among us.  They don’t want to show us people in pain unless it’s pain that they think we can understand.  They don’t want us to identify with the wealth misery you can sustain by the slightest means because we would have to do some self examination and we’d see their lies.So you see they don’t only feed us dreams they fed us nightmares as well all as a means to keep us down.I don’t know what can be done about this because frankly I’m not that smart, as you’ve just seen, but there has to be something because we can never truly be in control of ourselves until we no longer let other people tell us what we want.


Sorry for all the long and ponderous posts


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