This one’s for WanTea.

I got about half way through writing a
book when I was 22 that I can really no longer remember the point
of.  Also seeing as I didn’t finish it I can’t really explain what
it was to be about but what follows is one of my favorite images from
what I had finished.  Please forgive the poor grammar as I
had not finished it I haven’t edited it either.  Let me know what
you think.

Walking up the field to meet me I
saw him.  His face covered in smoke and blood, showed no sign of
the rage I had just witnessed.  He just looked tired and
there was a look in his eyes that I had never seen before in my
life.  Was it shame at the things he had just done? 
Or pride maybe I just don’t know.  What ever it was
I can’t say what terrified me more, the horrors this
man I have known my whole life had just unleashed upon
these poor people or that look.

I have written quite alot
both before and since then.  I have even completed a few things
and may at some point put some more up.



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