Some of you know and the rest of you don’t care but I have decided to stop drinking and I’m thinking it might be for good.  Now it’s not that I’ve done bad things while drunk quite the opposite really.  It’s also not that I don’t like who I am while drunk, I don’t really change that much after a few.  The reason I’ve given it up is it has become a problem.  Too much drinking is not the problem because when I do drink it’s generally not that much.  Frequency’s also not the problem because until recently I really only drank about once ever few weeks.  What is the problem is the reason to drink.  Given the state of my life right now and the shape my mind’s in I have found that drinking has become an escape from my troubles and pain.  The state of my life is not really your business because I know that some of you people from work read this and I thank you for it (don’t worry more craziness and perversion to follow) but those that need to know do and I’ll leave it with them.  For a really long time, from about 12 to 16, I was an alcoholic and drug abuser.  I define my alcoholism by the means that I was drunk and or high every day for four years without fail.  At the time I thought nothing of it and looking back on it now I wasn’t having the same problem I am now I just liked being fucked up.  Every single day for four years.  Quiting was actually alot easier then than it has been now, not because I can more easily aquire a means of intoxication but because finding a reason to is so much easier.  It has been hard because things I deal with day to day and things I think about all way on me a tremendous amount and it’s easy to want out from under that.  However my burden is a consequnce of who I am and there’s no escape from that.  Please forgive the break from what has been the less than serious nature of my posts up till this point I will now return you to more of what’s expected of me….

Hey who doesn’t like tits?  Aren’t they great little, and sometimes not so little, things?  When I was a kid I punched one of my sisters in the tit.  I thought it was really hilarious.


Don’t worry Scott I’m still on the wagon and plan to stay there.

EDITED 12/17/2004 6:34pm

I was just told by my mother that this post was inconcise and rambly.  If it was I’m sorry and if it wasn’t than fuck her right?


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