This ladies and gentleman is a story requested by both Scott Free and his fine lady friend WanTea so please enjoy.

My sisters’ son T.J. does funny things all the time mainly due to
his repeated contact with my own brand of childhood disrespect. 
One of the funniest things in resent memory is the following
story.  My sister lives not that far from me and spends quite a
lot of time at my house and one day she was driving from her house to
mine when out of the back seat she heard my nephew say ” You can’t stop
me mommy.”  She looked in the back seat and there was T.J. with a
plastic gun in his mouth.  When she looked back he said “you can’t
talk me out of it, I’m gonna shoot myself in the face.”  She
reached back to slap the gun out of his hand when he made a bang sound
and said” your too late mommy I’m dead.”  She grabbed the gun out
of his pretend dead hand and smacked him on the hands and told him
never to do that again.  As soon as she got to my house she came
into my room and yelled at me for a really long time but when she
finally told me what the problem was I busted up laughing so much I
could hardly breath.  Which needless to say didn’t please my
sister all that much but fuck her that was the most hilarious thing I
have ever heard of a kid doing in my life.


If you want your children to do things like this I can be reached by the normal means


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