My Dream


I am in Disneyland with my family and we want to go on a ride that is on a mini island. I decide to go for swim instead in the surrounding lake. While in the lake I notice a hole in the side of a cliff opposite the shore the Disneyland operates from. All of the sudden, a boy holding onto a large kite is projected out of the hole, attached to cables and is now parasailing. I watch him for a moment and then turn around to watch my family on their ride. When I turn I see that the whole park is in a chaotic panic because I giant squid that nobody knew existed has suddenly awaken and become very irate. She lived under the land part that Disneyland is built on and has started attacking anything and everything.

The monster’s flailing has destroyed the ride that my family was on, but somehow I know that my family is safe, I think that they didn’t get on the ride in the first place. So now I am swimming back to shore at Disneyland so that I can leave the park. The squid’s tentacles are lashing and they almost snag me but I maneuver around them. I get to land but the park has been made very inaccessible in the midst of the squid’s lashing. I can climb onto the land that the park is on but all the walkways are blocked with debris. I climb up a mountain made of ruble and onto the top of one of the rides. From there I can still see the lake and squid can see me. It thinks I am trying to hurt it’s eggs and is attacking me.Trying to climb down through the ride I am on is not going to work, so I just have to wait until help arrives. I can’t find a place to just site and wait because everywhere I go the squid can see me and lashes at me violently. I begin to look around to find something to throw at the squid and I notice that all of the Cliffside that I was leaning against has now become shelving. The shelves are filled with media of two types; videos tapes and paperback books. I begin hurling this seemingly endless supply at the beast and because of the amount of things available to me, I am actually having some luck in defeating the monster. Within an hour I have complete covered the squid in paperbacks and videos and she is vanquished. The dream ends with me thinking to myself that “ this would make a good movie” and then some big Hollywood exec types come and option the rights to a film. I live happily ever after.


I wonder who would play me in the starring role of“Video Killed the Amusement Park Monster”?


Scott Free as the boy who would be rich


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