This Wicked Orb
formerly Scott Free & Crotch Buddy’s Funky story type thing

Psst! Hey! Buddy!”

My eyes darted around the apartment. It wasn’t too hard to see that no
one was there. Hotels in Japan have rooms like mansions compared to my
rat-hole. Come to think of it, the rats that share my occupancy probably have a
bigger living space in my wall. No matter, the rent is cheap and I’m never
home. Now the word home refers to a place that you live, but to me it always
had a warming feeling. This place wasn’t home. I left home along time ago, left
and swore I would never return, but now, returning to a warm place would be
quite nice. This city is always so cold and it’s not just the climate. Without
even fondling their rosary beads, the nuns around here would mug you if nobody
were looking. Yea, and some say that God has left this town. Those that believe
in His teachings left long before Him, but then He was hot on their heals. The
city that has no hope for salvation shall surely meet with an injustice. Jake
Costello was that such injustice, a creature of sorrow and harbinger of all things
rotten. But none of that explains why I just heard that utterance in my


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