Welcome people to the first installment of what I hope will be a fun little thing that’ll keep you coming back more often.  I thought that seeing as both myself and my colleague Mr. Free are both creative people who enjoy good stories that we might write one here together.  I hope this collaborative effort will result in a good story for you all to read.  I REALLY encourage you to leave comments on how things are going so far and any suggestion you could make.  If you don’t have a Xanga account but want to leave comments please see our Monkey Receptionist who will help you log in to our visitor page. No title, no rules, and no hope for making sense I now give you the begining and my first installment of:

Scott Free & Crotch Buddy’s Funky story type thing(A working title)

There’s a rising tide of misery and chaos preparing to wash over this city, all thanks to me.  I let that sick bastard Costello slip through my fingers again and this time he’s going to make me pay for getting so close.  You see Jake Costello and I go back a long way, even if he didn’t know it until last night.  I have been keeping close tabs on Jake for years and every time I had enough gospel to put him down I used it.  They say crime doesn’t pay but it always seems to pay enough to buy a good lawyer.

That’s it for me this time hopefully Scott will be down for this and you’ll have his installment soon.  If not I may just keep adding to this horrible thing myself.


Goddamn I have too many recuring things already why am I adding another one? And why do I always have to title things?


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