This Wicked Orb

“What’s the matter?  What’s the matter?  You fucking psycho I’ll tell you what’s the matter.  I come over here to find out from you what the hell happened last night, to see a friend, and I get a gun in my face.  You don’t think I get enough of that shit as it is?  Do you know the kind of hell you have brought down upon me in the last twenty-four hours?  I know that you can rarely see past this little “crusade” you’ve been on but have you ever stopped to consider the consequences of your action that other people have to pay.  I know you’re a smart guy Simon but if you didn’t think that Jake was going to find out who got you so close then your just about as fuckin’ stupid as they come.  Now either you didn’t think he’d remember who introduced you to him or you just didn’t fucking care as long as you got the job done.”  Mike stood up now shaking either from the anger he was now showing me or the fear that he obviously was feeling I wasn’t sure.  I looked at him directly for the first time since I pulled the gun on him and noticed the blood that had dried around his nose and mouth.  His cloths, which he usually was quite fastidious about keeping neat, were dirty and torn in places.  Someone had recently been taking Mike to task and even if he hadn’t spoken the name I would have known who.  “ I thought you were someone I could trust Simon.  You let me in and showed me things I didn’t know could exist for someone like me.  You gave me hope.  Hope that my life could be different, different from the mess I have made of it so far.  Maybe I could get myself out of this life and be a respectable person, there’s not too many of those in this city, but in the space of a day you have crushed me.  You crushed all those hopes and dreams and to top it all off you have killed me.  Oh yeah I’m walking around now and I could run but what you don’t know about Jake far outshines what you do.  He would find me.  I could bury myself in the ground a thousand miles from here and he would find me and dig me up just to see my lifeless face.  I have no doubt that if this thing goes down the way you want it to that he will find me in hell and he’ll bring a can of gas.  I came here today to hear from you why you have done this to me but I see that you can’t even be bothered to put down that goddamn T.V. Guide you always fuck with.  Just once try to ignore your selfish obsessions and look at me like a man and tell me why.  You know what it doesn’t matter you can’t say anything that will change it but I hope you know what you have done.  Not only to me but this miserable city that you thought you were going to save from Jake.  Did you think that Jake was the problem?  That somehow he caused all the evil that creeps around the streets and in the halls of nearly every home in this place.  Could one man cause all that?  No, he didn’t cause it he came from it.  Make no mistake though that doesn’t mean he cares or that he will go easy on any of us out there.  You have destroyed me and Jake WILL destroy this city.  I can thank you for that at least.  I may be gone soon but it will be good to know that this place will finally get what it has coming to it.”  With one last lingering look at the stain in the corner Mike walked across the room and out the door.  Unable to process what the hell just happened in here I looked back to the tattered book in my hand…what the hell happened to the half filled spaces? 


Where’d the red ink go?



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