So I was walking down the road today when this cheetah sprang from the
bushes and confronted me.  He was a vast beast with a great jaw
that he made me aware had the ability to crush the life from me in an
instant.  At first I was afraid for my life but then it occured to
me that a cheetah that possessed the power of speech must surly be
inteligent enough to know that I was not good enough to eat.  I
assured my new feline friend that he could most certainly find
sustinence of a
higher quality further down the road at his local market.  Once
inside the great alter to commerce and dietary necessity I lead
him to the fresh meat section where he promptly ate a small fat child
that his mother unwisly left unattended.  Gourged on the flesh of
the young and no longer in need of food for the time being myself and
Tony, for that was the cheetahs name, went off into to the wilds of the
city to seek our fortune as a double act of talking beast and man
capable of great feats of poverty.



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