And now for the next exciting installment of:

This Wicked Orb

    I would like to say that I had a nice comfy bottle to curl up into or some tigers to chase but such luxury would not be mine. All I could hope for was a can of baked beans and rat to stalk. If I could just catch that rat, I might get some protein in my diet.

    It had been three days since Mike had been and gone. I hadn’t left the bed much. Becky had come by, but seeing as that I was broke, she cursed me all the way back down the stairs:

    “ I knew I shouldn’t come by here! The girls said you was broke, that they couldn’t get none from ya, but I thought you was cute so I hoped you had some better standards then to lie down with them addicts! Damn it I shouldn’t have worn these heels! God Damn elevator NEVER WORKS!”

    I have had a lot of time to think about what Mike said. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t know about Jake like I did. He didn’t know about the time that Jake had formulated a scheme to hold up the Chinese consulate, run by the Triad, and blame it on the East Side Gang. Then he was going to dress up like one of the Rowdy Boys and rape one of the girlfriends of the boss of the Triad. Then he was going to kidnap an East Side Boys lackey and force him to drive to…wait, a Rowdy Boy was going to… no, a Triad member was supposed to… no, wait. Well anyhow, all hell was going to brake loose and during all the fighting, Jake was going to go around and rob everybody right from under their noses. He is a crafty weasel and when he smells the eggs of prosperity he will stop at nothing to feast.

    Still, I probably should go find Mike. Him knowing what he knows, he’s going to be a very popular guy, and with all the wrong fan base.


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