This Wicked Orb


I know where to find him but do I dare show my face there again after the things I pulled the last time.  The last time I saw him I would have thought he would be smart enough to get out of this town but I know he went there.  Everyone in this town does at some point or another.  The sisters, they call themselves that but no one really believes they’re related, took over the place back in the 80’s.  They took it and turned it into one of the biggest dens of vice in the state, second only to Jakes down in Christmas Town.  Ah Christmas Town what a quaint name for five square blocks of the most heinous things this town has to offer.  Now usually you don’t connect Christmas with things like that but they don’t call it that because Santa’s rolling around in his sleigh laying out toys for the kiddies.  They call it that because of all the red and green you find there.  Red and green the colors of money and blood two things that part of town sees plenty of.

            It takes me three hours to muster the courage up to go down to the sisters.  I know that when I get there I can expect to see some trouble so I gather up all the firepower I can find in the house, which I am sorry to say is a considerable amount.  Aside from the little friend I keep in my coat I dig out my twin Colts from under the bed, the shotgun from behind the fridge, and a nice little thing I put together myself.  I haven’t tried it out yet and frankly if it works the way I meant it to the thing scares the hell out of me but I collect it just in case.  Properly, and a bit obsessively I’ll admit, armed and (I hope) mentally prepared I head out of the house for the first time in almost a week. 

            Just as I turn to lock the door Ms. Nozoki my neighbor across the hall comes out to pick up the paper.  Honey brown skin, coal black hair, and a face that Helen of Troy would envy she’s the only entirely good person I have met in this town.  Naturally I have been in love with her for months now. 

            “Hi Simon.  Haven’t seen you out in a few days how have you been?” 

She reaches out and gives me a hug but it’s not the kind I usually get from her, which normally feel like the kind you get from a friends wife.  It lingers a bit longer than normal and she holds me a bit tighter than usual and I notice, not for the first time, how good she feels in my arms.  It’s almost enough to make me forget where I am going and the things I might have to do when I get there.

            “Oh you know me Tess I get by.  Nice to see you though how was your trip to Tokyo?”



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