Well since I know that all the people that were there read this I should not need to write about this but I know that there are a few of you out there that might be insterested.  As we all know you people can’t get enough of me and I’d like to say if that is indeed true I have a list of people I’d like you to convince or convert to similar thinking.  Any way this last Saturday Scott Free, his fine lady friend WanTea, her friend Kiroin and Myself took an adventure into the wilds of a place known only as Oldtown.  It is a section of Sacramento set aside for the expressed perpose of attracting tourists away from the capital.  Oh and there’s a really cool railroad museum there as well.  While all that is nice it is I have to say not the most thrilling of places but much fun can be had there if you try.  We got there, after many hiccups in what were our stated plans for the day, around 3:30 and rented some bikes, two banana peel bikes and a tandem bike.  Let me explain what a banana peel bike is to those of you that might not know, They’re a version of those annoying bikes you may have seen passing you on the side of the road while you’re stopped at a traffic light, you know the ones I mean.  They’re the ones where the rider is in a posistion that’s half sitting and half laying down with the pedals out in front of everything else.  Now to look at these bike you must marvel at the ingeiuous way we can be sold any stupid idea but they are in fact very fun, once you get the hang of them.  A Tandem bike most of you might know is that thing you have seen in movies where the guy and girl are riding around a park or some other ideallic scenery on the same bike.  This is something I will admit I have always wanted to do, again proving how easily I myself am sold on an idea(especially a romantic one), but having now tried it I must say while fun and definitly a cool idea for couples that shit is harder then it looks.  You both have to manage to balance on an incredibly top-heavy thing that was ultimatly designed for one person and you both have to start pedalling at the same time otherwise you openly court disaster.  Imagine the scene if you both aren’t in some form of harmony: one person doesn’t balance the right way or decides to lean one way or the other and that’s when the carnage insues.  You both topple to the ground in a heap of tangled flesh and steel, but you do it together and there must be something said for that.  Once you learn to ride the damn things it is really fun and I can see the romantic possibilities of them.  We took turns on all the bikes and rode around a rather larger area than I had believed possible given the awkward nature of our means of transport.  After a couple of hours exploring the riding trails and sitting above the Sacramento river we took the bikes back to the rental place and headed off to have dinner and then to Kiroins house for more fun.  All in all I would say it was the best time out I have had in a while.

On a side note it’s my Nephews birthday today.  A few of you know him as topless baby and today he turned four so yea for breeding.


Just want to say Hi to my friend Emma


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  1. Just one more comment on the tandem bike. You can’t be short if you wanna sit in the front. I tried it with wanty but we didn’t get out of the staging area ’cause I couldn’t reach the pedals. Yeah, balancing with on a bike when you can’t reach the pedals is hard.

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