Further examples of why I love British television as opposed to American.  This line came from a pilot episode of a show that may air in England at some point.  I must say though that while the following line is very funny, in the context, the rest of the show was a bit uneven but not lacking in potential.  I must also say that this aired on regular T.V. at what we would call a “prime time” slot, now something with this type of language and situation could only air on cable here because for being a country formed with the belief that we should be allowed to express ourselves and live the lives we want, we are truly a highly repressed society that skews everything to the dumbest and most uptight members of the public.  I now give you the funniest line of television dialogue I have ever heard:


“Fill me to the brim with your love custard.”


I don’t even know how to explain how funny that line is to me or how much my face hurt from laughing the first time I heard it.



Yes I know I am sick but you know you love it


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