I now bring something that I meant to make a long running series of posts here but frankly I got side tracked:

Stories From A Little Crotch

For those of you that might be new to our little corner of the world I’ll first tell you, and remind those of you who should already know, that these are stories of my childhood and things that happened to me while I was living in the only bad neighborhood that my hometown has.  None of this stuff is embellished or enhanced at all dispite the unbelievability of some of the things I did.

The last time I wrote about this stuff was to tell you how for a short period of time I was in a bunch of gangs which if you’re interested feel free to search it out.  This time I will tell you all about the time I jumped off of a five story parking structure and lived.  This is something I could have sworn I wrote here or told my friends about already but I guess I hadn’t.  To set the scene I’ll say that I was about fifteen at the time and the neighborhood I lived in was right down a hill from the Kaiser hospital in my town.  About a year after they built the hospital there they were kind enough to block out a fair part of the sky with a giant parking garage.  The thing was about six stories total but one of them was underground and like all buildings they had fire extinguisher all over the place.  Now I cannot remeber why we did it but my friends and myself would go up to the garage about once a week and steal the fire extinguishers.  The security guards had nearly cot us a few times and I think that this may have been part of the appeal.  On the occation in question we had gone up there and were in the process of taking another fire extinguisher when the guards cornered us on the third floor.  We split up and managed to get away from them but unfortunatly we ended up on the top floor.  A few of the guys got away and ran down the stairs at the back.  I however got cornered at the corner facing the street, there were three trucks blocking me from getting away and they thought they were going to get me.  I had previously jumped off the garages’ third floor on a bet so I knew that was an option.  I tried fruitlessly to run past one of the guards but he almost cot me so I ran back between two cars nearly the edge of the garage.  I saw that there was a tree growing right near the end of the wall.  I could tell right away that it was too small and weak for me to climb down.  I don’t know what I was thinking but I decided to try an jump off the side.  I made it look like I was going to give up and walked towards the guard closest to me.  About fifteen feet from the edge of the garage I stopped, flipped the guards off, turned and ran as fast as I could towards the wall.  I reached the edge and jumped.  I managed to grab the top of the tree I thought about trying to climb down and it started to bend, slowing my decent.  It bent down to about the second story then broke off and I fell two stories onto my back on some plants at the base of the garage.  I managed to walk away unhurt and frankly sort of a hero to the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.  I thankfully have had no reasons to jump off anything like that since.



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