me set a scene for you.  You wake up and decide one day that it’s
been a while since you read a good book and decide to go down to the
library and pick one up.  You check the status of your check out
abilities and find them still current.  Walking around the
seemingly endless racks of books you wait for something to jump off the
shelf and strike your fancy.  You aren’t looking for anything
specific but every one has stories they prefer over others so you stay
away from Drama because who can truly be entertained by someone’s pain,
and you steer clear of comedy because you want something a bit more
serious than that.  You come across two books that might fit the
bill, ones a bit thicker than you normally like to get into and the
cover’s kind of worn and dusty; the other book is about as big as you
normally like to read, not too long and not to short, the cover looks
new and barely touched.   Now you know nothing of either one
of these save these small facts, neither skimming through nor reading
the requisite blurbs about them on the back you decided on the one
that’s a bit more flash.  You go to the counter give them you card
and go on your merry way looking forward to getting home and cracking
this beauty open.  You get home settle yourself down in your
favorite chair and pull out what your sure will be an entertaining and
enjoyable book and upon cracking it open you find it to be a book about
accounting.  It looks like you should have taken the other one now
doesn’t it?  This is not a “Never judge a book by it’s cover” or a
rant about peoples tendencies to pick “Style over substance” because
those are all human nature.  Human nature dictates that you will
use the first thing at your disposal, which most often is appearance,
to judge the worthiness of something and if even a book doesn’t have
some type of style you wouldn’t bother to pick it up in the first
place.  No it’s neither of those things but it is a rant about
making sure you make your decision for the right reasons.  Should
you judge a book by its cover?  No because the cover most often is
nothing more than marketing and has absolutely nothing to do with the
content inside.  Should substance matter more than style? 
Fucking hell yes, one of my friends used to say that ‘you can polish a
turd all you want but its still just a piece of shit’ which while
fairly disgusting is true enough.  I’m not sure what my point is
because I have already admitted to the inherent flaw in this argument
by saying that a lot of the reasons we do things like that is because
of human nature.  It would be an easy thing to blame the media,
and I have blamed our sources of entertainment before regarding things
they make us desire (check out Dec. 5 2004 for that rant), but some of
the blame has to lie with us because for the most part our medias only
give us what they think we want.  I know that there will always be
people who will look you over, judging you cover if you will, and
decide whether or not you’re worth their time or care; just like there
will always be those people who are willing to flip through, or better
yet read a chapter or two, before they make their decision.  If
you can manage it, be one of the latter because I guarantee that if you
give a little attention to something with a less than traditional
appearance you might find something you wouldn’t have if you had
stopped at the cover.  After all if you look at ever book of faith
or philosophy they are almost all without fail very plain appearing
things but within them lay the kind of things that can change peoples
lives.  I’m not saying I’m like the bible but I am saying that if
a few more of you people would take the time to find out who I am then
the things that have happened to me in the past would happen far less.




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