I woke one day and found that I had what looked like a small
barely clothed child at my feet.  My sister has children so I
thought that this child might have been one of those but sadly this
creature had much more sinister origins than my sisters womb.  It
had sharp fangs and great massive hands that seemed, at least to me, to
be twice the size of its head.  I say “its” because being a child
there were no obvious indications of sex, being barely clothed I could
not base any assumption on the color of its clothing.  If it had
an obvious sex that would have been completely aside from the point of
this creature because whether it was male or female didn’t matter, it
was here to steal my soul.  How I knew this I will never know but
there wasn’t a doubt in my heart that if this thing had its way with me
I would not last the day.  Noticing that I was both awake and
aware of its presence the creature lumbered its way around the foot of
the bed towards me, from the angle it was now at I could see more
clearly that what I first thought to be a child was infact a sweaty
humunculous with enormous feet ending in thick black talons.  To
say that I was wracked with fear at the devastating possibilites of
pain that lay both in those talons and those horrid fangs would be an
understatement.  How this bizarre misformed creature made its way
into my room without alerting me to its presence I cannot fathom
because as it moved closer to me the sound of its laboured breathing
and the click of its talons scapping across the floor with each step
were almost deafening.  It was remarkable that given its
diminutive stature it moved as slowly as it did, I knew that because of
this I was not dreaming.  In dreams creatures like this come upon
you in an instant and choke the life out of you they don’t shuffle
slowly and with dark intent the way this one was now.  Though its
progess towards me was slow I could not take advantage of the
oppotunity of escape for I had been scared insensate.  I
could do nothing but watch as the bringer of my demise made its
way towards its helpless prey. 



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