I will now tell you two stories. They are not connected in
any way nor can I explain the motives behind them. One of the stories happened
to me personally and the other I heard from my neighbor. Both stories might be
hard to understand, with regards to why anybody would do something of this
nature, but both are terribly true. The first story begins now.

Yesterday I cleaned out my garage. I separated the things that I didn’t want or
need into two types, or categories. The first category was donate-ables and the
second was trash. I proceeded to put the donation stuffs in to boxes and them
on my front porch for pick up. My porch was crowded with the things that I was
giving away, the things that I had no use for anymore but someone that was less
fortunate than I could make use of. Then I put everything that was being thrown
away into big black garbage bags and set them out in front of my house, by the
curb, for pick up by the local garbage collectors. Now, knowing that the pick
up for the garbage wasn’t for another two weeks, I probably should have kept
the thrash in my garage or at the very least behind my gate in my back yard.
Tragically, this was not the what was I thought of at that time. Today I awoke
by the sound of my mother asking me to move my car from behind hers, for she
was trying to go somewhere. As I make my way out to my car, I notice a
transient rummaging through the bags of trash that I had left out. I thought to
myself: “Hey, it’s just trash. He’s homeless. If he wants to look around
in the bags that’s fine with me. I just hope he doesn’t make a mess of it. He
probably won’t because homeless people are generally grateful when they are
given something and usually try to make as little an imprint as possible around
the places where they don’t habitate.”
When I came back out, about an hour later, to go to school, I found that he had
made a giant mess of everything. It seems to me that he purposefully cut open
every bag and try to spread as much as he could of all of their contents on the
ground. I thought this to be rather odd. I looked and saw that things were
spread haphazardly and that perfectly good jars of food were left on the
ground. Bags of M&Ms. Clothes.
Why did he do this?
All that I could think about was “why?”
I started to clean up his mess, for he was nowhere to be
found. I totally missed class because I had to re-bag every bag of trash
because they all had gaping holes in them. As I am cleaning the mess my mom
comes home. She asks me what I am doing and I tell her. She then says, “I told
him he could look through it as long as he cleaned up after himself. He said
‘o.k.’” She apologized and then I finished cleaning it up. I have since moved
everything that can be ripped open back into the garage along with everything
that was on our porch so that if he does, for some reason, come back, he will
have nothing to mess up or steal.

While I was cleaning my neighbor came up to me and we
started to chat. About a month ago, she had had a baby cat. It was 1 week old.
It’s mother had died during the birthing and so did the rest of the litter.
This kitten was pretty cool. She hadn’t even opened her eyes yet and made a lot
of noises that sounded rather like a duck. I asked my neighbor how the kitten
was doing and she told me that it had died as well. I said that was sad but she
told me that there was more to the story. It seems as though there was some
foul play afoot. Originally the momma cat lived in Taft, which is a town near
Fresno, and there is a guy that lives near her owners house, my neighbor’s
daughter, that likes to leave food out on his porch for cats to eat if they
come by. This man seems to have nice intentions. This man seems to be a nice
guy. Don’t believe that for a second.
This man is not a nice man.
Apparently this man liked to leave a water dish out for the
cats to drink while they were eating. O.k., no problem here. But wait, there’s
more. He likes to fill the water dish, not with water, but with anti-freeze. So
the cats are eating the food and drinking the anti-freeze and getting poisoned.
The momma cat died from the poison, not from child birth, and the kittens all
died because they were poisoned in the womb. Since this all takes place on this
man’s land, there is no legal recourse that can be taken. He can do what he wants
to on his land and what he wants to do is trick cats into drinking anti-freeze.
Nice guy. Good use of your time there buddy.

Having the experience that I had today and hearing the story
about the sinister man have dampened my view of mankind. Granted, I was already
worried about our society as a whole, this just disturbs me greater.

I am sorry if the first story wasn’t interestingly funny and
that the second story was just plain sad, but sometimes the world can be a cold,
cruel place.

Scott Free feels lighter.

p.s. garbage and garage are just one letter away.


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