I have contributed, in my own way, to the site you are now reading and as such am a voluntary participant in the very thing I am now about to complain about.  Ironic isn’t it?  I have recently been introduced to the bizarre world of the online community, namely Myspace.com.  I know that a few of those that will read this have profiles there and believe me when I say that this is not meant to be an attack on you at all.  I have browsed around on there at least a few minutes every day since I was introduced to it.  First I browsed around for people I knew, then people I went to school with, and then I just started making a path through peoples friends’ lists.  I have seen and learned things about people I will never meet.I have learned of criminal histories, relationships, interests, histories of abuse, etc.  At first I found it fascinating that people would divulge the kind of information that some do to complete strangers, the pictures people put up, and the way they choose to express themselves via their profiles and other decorations.  That then faded into a feeling of great unease at that fascination because I realized that my looking in on the virtual lives of strangers was tantamount to cyber-voyeurism and would often leave me feeling dirty.  Don’t know what the point of this was but I will say that I understand, due to my part in this site, the motivations of the people who are on that site and the thousands like it.  I have found that this site gives me an outlet for my problems, stories, and general insanity; and has proven to be an incredibly cathartic experience at times.  I don’t feel at all apprehensive about saying the things I do here, both goofy and serious, due to the fact that only people I know read this with any degree of regularity and as such would probably have heard these things in person.  My level of apprehension is what it is also because as I have found the likelihood of someone randomly coming across this site is very slight where as on a site like My Space it is very likely and should give people some pause about the things they divulge.  I am not judging at all because frankly to the people that read your profile or your blogs you are thoroughly anonymous but I am saying for my part that I personally feel weird having the ability to learn about and follow the lives of strangers



Stop looking at me


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