Had a good day yesterday.  It was Scott Frees’ birthday party and we had the first of many Bar-B-Ques of the summer.  Not much else can be said about it though as most of ours readers were there and know how the day went but I’ll give my personal favorite moments of the day:
1.  It the first time in months that I got to spend time with all my friends at once as it was the first time since about the end of october that my friend Emma hung out with us all.
2.  Also got to hang out with our friends Jack and Asia for the first time in a really long time.  Jacks a really good guy and its always a good time being around him.
3.  Went to a school near Scott Frees house and played on the playground.  It was the first time that I didn’t feel weird for expressing my appreciation for swings and playing.
There were others but some of them were a bit personal and all the people that were involved in those moments are aware of them so I don’t need to reveal them here.

Spent the day in San Francisco today at the Cherry Blossum festival in Japan Town, very cool.  It was a street faire type thing where they closed off three or four blocks of Japan Town, mainly around the Japan Town mall, and booths were set up.  They had a stage where local musicians played different types of music, they had concessions offering mainly Japanese and Hawaiian food but with a few others thrown in the mix.  In the peace plaza they had a beauty contest and later demonstrations of martial arts and taiko drumming.  All in all it was a  fun experience, even with the garlic in my eyes (DAMN YOU SCOTT FREE), and am kind of sorry that we can’t go back next weekend.  What I am not sorry about though is the reason that we can’t go back and that is because Scott Frees mother is getting married next Saturday and the family has been gracious enough to both invite and include me in the festivities. 

Had a bunch of nice moments with really good friends this weekend and have been reassured that many more lay ahead and for that I am eternally greatful and will endeavor to provide as much happiness to them as they bring to me.

I get kinda sappy sometimes I guess


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