My life is constantly confusing me and for once I have to say it’s not in a bad way, nessecarily.  It’s trite to say things like “If you told me (insert time span) that I’d be _______”.  For me though that phrase actually fits because if you had filled that time span with ten months ago and ended it with where my life is now I would think you a cruel and evil person to tease me in such a way.  Now if you had kept the ten month time span and ended the sentence with all the things that have gone wrong for me in that time I would thank you for the insite into my inevitable fate and still walked blindly into it because for all my intelligence, which I find wanting, I am the dumbest fucking person in the world.  Well I should say it’s a tie between myself and all republicans but I wont because I am sure there are bound to be a few of you out there reading this and welcome to you.  I could have forseen all the hardship and strife I have gone through, not only in my personal life mind you, but I couldn’t change it one bit because to do that would mean changing integral things about myself that have allowed me to reap all the good in my life from all the bad.  I have friends like the esteemed Scott Free, his lady friend WanTea, and Emma and these are all people I wouldn’t have had I been willing to change any of the things I would have to in order to have made it to this point in life effortlessly.  Without them I wouldn’t have friends like Monster Zero (nice to see you at the party) Jack, Asia, Kiroin, Etc.  I can be pretty fucked up some of the time and I’d say that most of the people on both lists don’t mind in the least, which is nice.  I know it’s hypocritical, seeing as it is something I am guilty of myself (sorry I just think that guys looks like a douche Mr. Free), but it is nice not to be judged.  This time last year I had one friend left that I could deal with and even she wasn’t that good of a friend, as it turns out, and now I have many.  I think that the prices paid were worth it, though I feel I should have paid more. 



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