I have now just learned that my nephew will be a cult leader in his older years.  I learned this because, for those of you that don’t know me or him, he is playfully named topless baby.  He is so named due to the fact that he rarely ever is clothed above the waist.  Now to my revelation about his future.  I got out of the shower and after putting on my towel (I’m not so sick as to subject him to my naked form) I went into his room to get clothes for the day.  I rifled through my meager selection of clothes and found a pair of pants and a shirt I like.  He got off of his bed and came over to me and said ‘whup are you dooning unca Bug’ (what are you doing uncle Bug) “I’m Getting some clothes buddy” ‘Oh o.k. Whups that?’ He was pointing at the shirt I planned to wear for the day.  “It’s my shirt buddy.”  ‘Oh o.k.’  I walked out of the room and was half way to my room when he came running out of the room laughing and tried to grab the shirt from me.  He used all his four year old strength to try and wrestle it from my grasp to no avail.  I kept telling him to stop and he just laughed.  He finally let go and ran to his room and I went into mine and locked the door.  Next thing I know he is at my door pounding on it screaming for me to give him my shirt.  I don’t mind someone wanting me to stay nude I would just rather they not be four.  Now I understand not wanting to wear clothes, at that or any age, but to hold that as a conviction and to try to impress upon people the inherent joys of toplessness at his age is weird.  I predict that the future of my nephew holds a great many things among which I sincerely hope is not a stay in a hospital of some sort for his naked compulsions. 



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