I started to write something completely different on this but at the top off this page, the one I’m typing on not the one you’re reading, there is a banner ad that asks you to choose which Olsen twin is “Hotter” and you win a free Playstation PSP.  Now on to my personal problems with stupid shit like that:

1. I personally don’t think either Olsen twin is hot but to assume that someone has made that decision and based some farcical “contest” on that completely relative opinion is rediculous.

2. Are there really people out there stupid enough to fall for these kinds of advertisements? They litter the virtual landscape like Starbucks and 7-11’s so they must work on somebody.  I would think though that if you were stupid enough to fall for these things you wouldn’t be smart enough to work a computer.

There are plenty other things I find fault in this kind of advertisement, frankly too many to properly detail here, but those are really the main two regarding this particular one.



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