One day when I was younger, the family was about to sit down for
dinner. This story takes place back in time, when my father’s mother
lived in the house in the our backyard. The meal was prepared and the
particpants were called for assembly. My brother and I had been playing
out in the backyard and, since it was a hot summer day, had taken our
shirts off. When we made it to the table, everyone that was going to
eat was present: Mom, Dad’s mom, Mom’s Mom, my sister, my brother,
myself. My Dad’s Mom noticed that we were with out shirts and decided
to teach us a lesson in  table manners. She promptly removed her
blouse and sat there in her bra. My Gran isn’t crazy, regardless of
what you might infer from this post, she is actually very smart. She is
well traveled, does the crossword puzzle everyday, frequently uses all
seven letters in Scrabble…
She is also rather immodest.
My mother was the first to speak.
“Gran, What are you doing?”
“Oh, I thought that was the style these days. I saw that the boys
weren’t wearing shirts so I decided to show them how rude it is to come
to the table topless.”
“Well, boys could you go put a shirt on please? Gran, could you put your shirt on please?”
Needless to say, from that point on, we were forever completely and appropriately dressed for every meal we attended.

Scott Free I’m not dead


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