A very important person asked me earlier this week if I have a death wish, or rather did I given the story I am about to tell.  I think for a while I did hence some of the less than sensible things I have been a part of in my life but I don’t really do those things now.  I don’t do those things now partly because they don’t come up much anymore and mainly because my time doesn’t belong to just me anymore.  It would be unfair to the other people who want me around to cut that time short accidentally but here is one of the times I may have been trying to kill myself in the pursuit of fun.  Those of you that know me well know that for three years I drove a bus for handicapped and elderly in the county where I live.  The job itself was actually incredibly intense, aside from seeing the strength of character some people had dealing with the things life had dealt them driving in traffic for eight hours a day was crazy.  I did a lot of things that might not have really been the smartest things to do but this one is probably the worst.  One night around 11:00 p.m. I was driving back to our yard on the freeway.  It was wednsday and late so the road was pretty much empty for miles in front of me so I wanted to try something I had been thinking about for a couple of months.  I got the bus up to about 85mph and put on the cruise control, undid my seat belt, stood up and ran to the back of the bus.  I ran as fast as I could from the front of the bus to the back slapping the dash and emergency exit respectivly at the end of each trip.  On the last time slapping the exit door it flew open , it was barely attached as it was so my repeated slapping of it was about all the tired little latch could take.  Thankfully I was already running back towards the front of the bus or I would have been trown from the bus and probably be dead right now.  I managed to make three trips back and forth before the bus started drifting into another lane so I sat down and drove the rest of the way back in comfort with the exit door slapping against the side of the bus.  I’m sick I know but it was fun at the time.

Thankfully the job I have now doesn’t afford me this type of opportunity.  Like I said though I’m not looking for that anymore so don’t worry Emma I have no intention of hurting myself on purpose anymore.



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