I went and saw Star Wars 3 today and I left the theatre with mixed
emotions. On one hand, this film is the better of the “new 3” but on
the other, it was still a dissapointment somewhat. I think I figured
out why, for me,  this new trilogy has been such a let down. The
original 3 had special effects but they were supplemental to the story
and the acting. This new 3 seem to rely heavily on special effects and
they seem, in my opinion, to lack in presenting good acting abilities
in their actors. Also it seems as though in Episode 3 there is an
interesting story throughout but at the very end there seems a rush to
tie up all the ends that the fans wanted tying up. I am glad that I saw
it and had fun with Crotch Buddy and our friend Jack. I can’t wiat for
it to come out on home release so that I can talk through the whole
film in a way that I had to stifle today out of respect for the viewing
enjoyment of the audience around me. Crotch Buddy is seeing it twice
today, so he might be able to give a better review for it than I have.

Scott Free, stay crunchy!


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