I may not be able to post for a few days as great beasts of misery have
decended upon my cable modem.  (I am posting this from Scott Frees’
lush accomadations whilst he cleans himself in prepartaion of seeing
Star Wars Episode III.)  My modem seems to think that it belongs in
the wild and has been making midnight pilgrimages while I have
been away at friends houses.  It refuses to work and has gone on
strike until such time as I secrue it’s freedom from its information
relaying prison.  I have assured it that I will release it when I
have had my way with it, don’t tell it this but I intend to keep the
little bastard under the iron fist of my own oppression until I see fit
to be done with it.  Talks are in progress and all seems to be
going well with consession being made on both sides of the table.  I hope
to return to you soon with a fresh new perspective on human/computer
modem relations.  Stay alert.


“It’s well fucking futile”


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