This took me a couple of days to write.  Everytime I think about this I cry a bit and I wanted to sit down and do this without that.  The following is something that happened to me earlier this week and it’s an example of why kids are great.  If you have been reading here for a while you’ll know that my sister has two kids that live with me right now.  Also if you have been reading lately you’ll know that I’ve not been doing so well.  I’ve been really sad and a little heart broken but have tried as much as possible to keep it in.  I know that it has come out on here more than it probably should have.  Anyway on to the story.

I was in my room waiting to go to work tuesday.  I don’t watch T.V. anymore and didn’t feel like reading anything right then so I was just sitting in my floor listening to some music.  I was seated on the floor with my back up against my bed just kinda zoned out and my nephew walked in my room.  He walked up to me, leaned over, hugged me and said “it’s o.k. uncle James.”  I broke down and cried into the shoulder of this little four year old for twenty minutes and he just stood there squeezing me.  This little person that has done so many crazy things because of my influence knew, without my saying, that I was sad.  For twenty minutes he stood there without moving and held his uncle while he cried.  When I was done he wiped his little hand acrossed my tear soaked face, kissed me on the cheek and walked back out to play with his blocks.  He is one amazing little man and I wish I had one just like him.



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