As I promised yesterday I will be bringing you more things in the nature of my posts from the past.  I personally find it hard not to vent my emotions on here but no one wants to read that stuff anymore, that’s not to say you seen the last of it just that I will try to be more balanced in my writing.  The following story is more in the vein of my previous posts.

This a story about my injuring my tender bits and my subsequent realization that I should no longer go “commando”.  I was at work Wednsday stocking some wine.  I was wearing my favorite pair of shorts, mainly because due to some recent weight loss they are the only pair of cloths that fit resonably well.  I was lifting a couple of cases of wine from a stack down to the ground.  Being a smart worker I lifted the wine to my chest then bent at the knees to the ground.  As I reached the floor my shorts split at the seam, right in the crotch.  Now for those of you that don’t know me this wouldn’t seem to be a big problem.  Well I am the kind of person that for many years has seen no need to wear undergarments of any kind.  Not sure when I made that decision but it has been at least since high school.  Also not really sure why I stopped but that’s not the point of the story.  My cloths being torn where they were and the state of my body underneath I was exposed.  Luckily I was in the back corner of the store and facing a direction that no one could see the exposed area.  Standing imediately I went to the restroom to see what kind of damage had been done to my shorts.  The seam just split and I have sewed them back up but at the time there was no way I could continue to work with them in the state they were.  I called home but they couldn’t get to me for at least an hour.  I couldn’t tell my bosses that I couldn’t work because my penis might be exposed in the course of my duties.  There are many excuses to get out of work but I don’t think this is one they would accept.  I went to our first aide kit in the hopes of finding something to temporarily deal with the situation.  First I tried taping “myself” in a position that would keep “me” out of view.  That didn’t work, mainly because Idon’t care what the situation is I am not taping that area up.  I tried taping the hole closed but that only worked as long as I didn’t have to bend down at all, not practical given my job.  I thought about stapling the hole closed but as I say these are my favorite shorts and I didn’t want to destroy them.  I ended up finding some safety pins and closing the hole that way.  Now safety pins are fine things that serve their perpose but they are not to be used anywhere near valueable areas of the body.  What I never took into account was the fact that while built well safety pins are not very reliable items.  They have a tendoncy to open if pulled or pushed at the right angle.  Just such an angle must have occured at sometime in my pants because without my knowing it one of the pins opened.  Now how did I know one opened you might ask.  I found out far too late in the process for it to have done me any good.  I had continued to go about my work with the confidence that my member was sufficently restrained.  I continued to stock wine, fill bags, do carry outs, and other bending type activities.  During one carry out I had to bend down to get a case of water off the bottom of a customers shopping cart.  As I reached the lowest position I could I got a painful and unexpected visitor to my nether regions.  I received a tiny stab wound to one of “the cousins” as Mr. Free called it.  It hurt, as you would imagine it to, and I screamed.  The customer freaked out and almost dropped another case of water on my head that had been in the cart.  Limping and holding myself I made my way back into the restroom, this time to survey the damage I had just received.  I was pleasantly surprised to find no real damage.  Everything is still in working order, thankfully.  Ten minutes later my sister showed up with a pair of pants for me and I went about the rest of the day in relative comfort.



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