What a difference a few hours and few words makes.  Five hours ago I was confident in where I was.  Not overly mind you, I was still perfectly aware of where I had been and how shaky the ground beneath me was.  A few hours and a few words later and fear has reared its ugly head.  Fear that the ground beneath me would give way and I would tumble back to where I had been not so long ago.  Needless to say my confidence has been shaken and I tread as lightly as I can.  Three paths lie ahead. One I walk with hand in hand with someone as far as it will take us.  Another I walk along side that person, together but separate, enjoying the company to the end.  And the last I walk alone, always looking for a way off the path.  Which I will take is dependant upon things I don’t control for my path is chosen by another.  Either of the first two would be fine with me, one more than the other but I’m not picky.  The last though is one I never want to set foot on again.  I hope they choose well because if not we both may end up walking the wrong path.


Edit: 11:20 P.M.

I am now glad to say that I was mistaken by things.  My confidence is as firm as ever, more so in fact, that I am in a good place.  I no longer have fear that I will lose again and that is what I feared.


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