I’m in the middle of writing something for somebody but I thought you guys would appreciate this.  I went to the kitchen to get some more water when my niece, naked baby, ran up and gave me a clean sheet for my bed.  I went in to the bedroom where my mother was folding laundry and organizing her closet to see if she gave her the sheet.  My niece climbed up on the bed and was jumping around in the clean clothes along with my nephew, topless baby.  They were jumping on a new shirt I just got and I didn’t want them fucking it up before I had a chance to wear it.  I took it off the bed and put it on.  My niece stopped jumping on the bed, looked at me for a minute, and said “You look hot Uncle James” she then went back to jumping on the bed.  My nephew laughed and said “you’re funny sissy.”  I grabbed him and wrestled him onto the bed and started tickling him.  He managed to get out of my grasp and crawled under the sheets.  He curled up and said “O.k., o.k., the party’s over.  Everybody out.”  I was going to grab him and tickle him some more but I couldn’t get up off the ground laughing for a few minutes, during which he ran and hid.



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