I wrote this in high school for a free writing asignment in my senior english class.  My teacher at the time took a strong dislike to me at the begining of the year.  I was kicked out of class almost every day usually for no reason.  Knowing she didn’t like me I stopped trying to write things that would get me good grades or reviews from her.  I began to write things that I liked or would make my friends laugh.  The following is one that I wrote as the start to a script me and another kid in class were writing for a school play.  It ended up being a good play, never produced but a good script, sadly though I only have this rough begining in my files.  I may put up some of the funnier things I wrote in this class. 

             I woke one day to find myself lying naked and sweaty in a room I had never seen before.I could barely make out the shape of things due to a lack of much light.The things I could make out didn’t look familiar to me.At first I discounted this as the effects of the lingering drowsiness that still hung in my head.That is until the fog of my sleep began to wear off and things took on a more menacing appearance.The windows seemed to be painted some dark color to block out the light.The only light that entered the room slipped in through smears in the paint where it had run.Trying desperately to scrape the paint off I found it to have been applied to the outside of the pane.I gave my eyes time to adjust better to the light in the room, that done I began to try and figure out where I was and what I was doing here.From what I could see there was no other discernable furniture save for the small cot I had slept on.A wooden chair was left cocked in an awkward position, as if thrown there, on the wall directly across from the bed.There didn’t seem to be a door anywhere that I could tell.

“There has to be a door here somewhere.How the hell did I get in here?”

              Running my hands on the walls I felt for any opening that could have been my entry way.I felt as high and as low as I could reach and there was nothing.I scrambled around the floor trying to feel if there was a hatch or trap door.I moved the bed as best I could, there was no way out under there.I grabbed the chair, righted it, and sat down to think.I began to get worried.

“This is fucking crazy.There’s got to be a way out of here.”

Through my entire search I could find no semblance of an entrance, I found only four blank walls and an empty floor.I began to consider breaking the window and going out that way when light suddenly flooded the room, blinding me.A voice floated to my ears from somewhere above me.

“How are we doing down there?Are you ready to calm down and listen to what we have to say or do you need to be left down there for another night?”

             Stunned by this new development I remained silent.I tried hard to make out whether I recognized the voice but could not make it out.

“Alright have it your way.I guess you need a little more time to think about your situation here.Tomorrow we WILL want your cooperation or we will have to find a less gracious means of getting it from you”

With that said I heard a door slam shut and the light disappeared leaving me in blackness.I stood still in that same position I was in when the light came in trying to get my bearings for sometime.I mulled over the new information that I was now presented with and tried hard to figure out what in the world brought me to this.How long had I been here and why had my “Gracious” host put me here and where the hell had that light come from?



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