I saw War Of The Worlds last night with my friend Emma and I have to say that movie was crap.  The effects were great but they were used to depict really graphic violence and death that verge on the disturbing.  Scenes where blood was drained from people and sprayed about the landscape were entirely unnecessary. They added nothing to the plot, soarly lacking though it might have been, and were just disgusting.  They do fill you with a sense of dread and horror when Dakota Fannings character gets taken up into one of the “tripods”.  The history behind this movie and its origins is well known: remake of a movie from 1953 which itself was a filmic remake of an incredibly famous radio drama by Orson Wells.  The only thing this movie stays really true to is the end and it’s the one thing they could have changed.  Yes they die from intollerance to our germs but they drop that on us a minute before the film ends and don’t try to explain much past that.  There are enormous plot holes that make the end rather rediculous and ultimately makes the film unfulfilling.  Your are emotionally engaged through the film with the hope and belief that there will be some amazingly cathartic ending and your are given a brief thirty second break down.  There are really a number of problems I have with this movie.  About half way through you are introduced to two characters that for a few minutes you are led to believe will become a part of the emotional center of the film.  They are then uncerimoniously cast aside two minutes after they are brought in.  There really are far too many things wrong with this movie to point out.  It’s enough to say you don’t want to see this giant pile of crap.  At least if you want to walk out of the theater with any feeling other than having paid someone to try and make you vomit for two hours.



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