O.k. this shit is getting pretty fucking infuriating.  I applied to my local junior college some months ago with the intention to continue my much needed education.  It is my hope that someday I will be a writer and as most of you have no doubt read and know by now I need some help with that.  Anyway I went today to take assessment tests so that I can apply for fall classes.  I got there and they told me I had to have an application on file with them before I could take the tests.  I had an application on file before I don’t see why it’s not on file now but they said they couldn’t find me in the system.  They found that I had applied but for some reason they had never received my signature letter.  I mailed the stupid thing as soon as I got it but they say they never got it so now I have to print another one, fax it this time, and hope that by next week I can take these stupid tests so that I can go get some fucking learning in.  I woke up early, had people hoping and praying I would do well, and all I get to do now is laundry because I don’t have a fax amchine and have to wait to fax my paper until I get to work.



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