Hey people it’s your long lost friend Crotch.  I have been away for a bit due in part to the unholy vengence visited upon me by my cable company.  It seems these filthy savages want you to pay for their services like some greasy transvestite prostitute trying to save up money for a mexican sex change operation.  I have humbled myself in the face of their mighty thirst and given them the money they so desperatly need.  They are now that much closer to trading in their balls for a healthy set of breasts and I am happy to have done my part.  Anyway I am writing this from the home of my lovely girlfriend Emma’s parents down in Orange County.  Not much I can say about the place, the home is nice and I am having a good time but there’s not much one can say about the area, well other than it is very pretty and sort of disturbing.  I now know where malls come from, it’s like they breed while an unsuspecting populace slumbers.  They reproduce and their demon seed of consumerism is spread over any empty space and little bored children flock to these giant monuments to greed and consumption.  They come and succle at the teat of conformity.  This is not all to say that all of these places are bad places to be, not at all.  I have in fact enjoyed a couple of them but the shear amount of malls and shopping centers is staggering to me, especially given the size of some of the “better” ones.  A few of these are not just giant buildings devoted to shopping, no some of these are bastard hybrids of shopping and amusement.  Places where you can go to a movie, ride a carosel, get a beer, and buy more than any one can possibly afford.  On my way out the door with my wonderful Lady so I’ll check back in with all of you soon.



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