Traversing the bleak and rocky tundra that is the south western part of this fine state we live in has left me with a terrific feeling of forboding.  I have been touched by the smiling faced insanity that leads one to alter their body to suit the accepted status quo.  Who sets the standard for all the miserable house wives and little girls that have more money and insecurities than they do self respect?  Some say Hollywood is to blame and for the most part they would be right.  People blame men and their supposed desire for lithe yet curvy women who would seem to rather service them than anything else.  Yet there have been distinct studies that have shown that almost all marketing, even that which appears to be aimed towards male specific items, is geared and aimed towards women.  That means that somebody somewhere at sometime in the past decided for women what they want and almost no change in that opinion has taken place.  Not sure what the point of this was, I was just sitting here while Emma did home work and was reflecting on our recent trip down to the county called Orange.  All I can say about this place is that if you can manage it avoid this area at all costs, there is next to no culture save that which can be bought and sold.  I have seen this and unfairly passed judgment but frankly when has judgement ever been fair?



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