I can
feel it, the cold hard steel, pressing against the small of my
back.  It’s been years since I’ve had to use it but it’s still
there, waiting.  I know I should’ve left it behind a long time
ago, back there in the past, where I was a different man.  Putting on my coat I look one last time and can barely believe I’ve come this far.  Oh
I see the scars, both the ones that you can touch and those that you
couldn’t even see with a microscope; I push past those and see the man
I’ve become.  I check my back again, still there cold and ready, confident and comforted by it’s touch.  I walk briskly down the street to where I parked the car I boosted two days ago, just after I got the phone call.  That goddamn phone call that’s got me sweating…and remembering.



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