It’s funny the illusions that some of us allow ourselves.  I for one have found, despite the site meter in the bottom corner changing constantly, to feel that this had become my private outlet for ideas, feelings, and experiences.  Now exactly why I allowed myself this I will never know.  I have met people who have read this blog and there have been comments by people I have never had the pleasure of meeting, so I know it’s read.  Do I in anyway know all those that read here?  No, sadly I do not.  I thank all those who have deemed the ramblings of both myself and the esteemed Scott Free worthy of their time.  It brings us both great pleasure when, even though updates of late have been few, people keep returning to fill their brains with our cranial effluence.  Now I know of at least a few people who might object to my calling it that, especially given the nature and believed quality of some of these posts.  That is however what this was started for and how it has been treated.  When first I began to post here I had great difficulty coming up with things to post because I mistakenly thought this to be of some import to Mr. Free.  I thought this to be some new project, of which he’s had a few, in which to express himself or leave a mark out there in this online world we are both very fond of.  I was wrong.  When I expressed my inability to come up with “content” Mr. Free told me there need be no purpose for posts, that I should treat this site as a “mind dump”.  I have since then treated it, mainly, as such.  Most things here are for my own amusement or as a means to share stories with people I don’t get to regularly see.  I have written a great many things here that for the most part were of absolutely no consequence to anyone but myself.  On the rare occasion things were written here as a means to communicate things to those people who knew they were being written to.  Never have I maliciously laid anything down here to cause hurt or harm to others.  A few have had issue with things I have written and for this I am sorry.  Whether they be of a personal nature or just the belief that I should try harder to make this page interesting is of no consequence to me.  Issues of a personal nature are such and I have not meant at all to cause any.  I try as hard as I choose to make this a page worth reading because frankly for the most part I could give a fuck if anybody but Scott Free and myself read it.  There are those others of you that do but it’s not for you.  I do honestly thank all the people that I know read or at least have read this site: WanTea, Kiroin, Monster Zero, Max, My second mom Melody, and last but not least The Lady.  To all the rest of you: Welcome, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay and sincerely hope you will come back again.  I won’t promise it will be good and I won’t promise that some of this won’t bother you. Then again I never did in the first place.



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